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Distributions with options

Cost effective distribution with options

We can offer you a wide range of distribution option that fit any of your customer and consumer requirements for speed , quality and costs.

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Electronic data integration is a top priority and we have flexible solutions to capture the right data as earlier as possible in the process.

Mail Distribution

Service description

If you, your customers and consumers require a classic mail service, then we have many years of experience in this field with strategic partnerships with many Postal Operators and Alternative Delivery Providers.

We can find the solution that you need, we will work with you to understand the requirement and propose the right solution.

Parcel Distribution

Service description

Whether you want classic parcel services or the more sophisticated Courier services we have the solutions for you.

We are a gate way and drop point hubs for parcel distribution carriers for the UK and Europe which allows our customers to benefit direct transfers which enhances their services direct to delivery points. We work with all the Courier companies and know their strengths and weakness.

You tell us your requirements and needs, we will then find the right solution for you.

German Delivery Service

Service description

Our recently launched direct service to Germany is geared to provide our e commerce customers a truly local service for their packets, our aim to provide a direct service reaching our customers/recipients is paramount in the e commerce developing market.

Italy Delivery Service

Service description

Italy has been a growing market for many periodicals / packets and parcels KMUK is proud to work with a few niche customers who are looking to build a direct delivery service to their recipients.

France Delivery Service

Service description

Direct injection to France has been another growing market for KMUK and its customers and we will be happy to assist in developing relationships with more customers in providing this service growth area.

Spain Delivery Service

Please contact us for all your Spanish distribution requirements.

E-Packet Service

Service description

The e-packet service has a 2 very unique processes, these allow our customers with lower end products and high end products to choose the level of service driven by costs.

E-Packet to PO

Service description

The e-packet to PO allows on line status tracking for items within the Postal service and provides a low cost delivery option which will allow customers to trace items to the final delivery post office only.

E-Packet Delcon

Service description

The E-packet DelCon provides customers a delivery confirmation service to the recipients tracked.

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